Portfolio: Packaging

Great packaging can help products sell themselves. The Austin-based graphic design team at Ellis Graphics can make your products pop.

We’ve all bought things based on the packaging. That bottle of wine with the clever label jumped out from the shelf. The note cards packaged in a pretty box instead of the ones in a cellophane wrapper. Packaging often makes the product more enjoyable, conferring a sense of having picked the best of the bunch. If you’re looking at advertising agencies in Austin, Texas, hoping to find someone who can make your product stand out, give Ellis Graphics a call.

Our diverse client base has allowed us the opportunity to design and implement packaging for a wide variety of industries. From slight re-works to helping with product naming and development, the Austin graphic design team at Ellis has worked on successful B2B and B2C packaging design. From bottles to boxes, we’ve helped to sell it all.

Call us today at 512-371-1997 to discuss your product — and how we can make it look irresistible.

We have enjoyed the privilege of producing work for a wide variety of clients including:

  • Dell
  • Sprint
  • Radio Shack
  • Chevron
  • HP
  • Boeing
  • RoadVantage
  • JMJ Associates
  • Texas Enterprises, Inc.
  • Coldwell Banker
  • One-Man Entrepreneurs

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