Portfolio: Ad Design

What makes advertising effective? Keeping it simple—in a creative way.

Effective advertising should not only be interesting and memorable, but should also persuade the viewer to buy. The job of every advertising agency in Austin and everywhere else is to help persuade sales prospects to trust, and then buy, from a business. The challenge of advertising in our media-saturated world is to strike the right balance between creativity and clarity so that the product and company are memorable.

At Ellis Graphics, an established Austin advertising agency (thought we call ourselves “light”—we don’t typically buy media), we believe in good creative work, as long as it actually helps to sell the product or service. We’re not fans of advertising for its own sake. We make work that helps to present a clear message to the potential buyer, with enough creative flair to make it interesting, not overwhelming.

We can help you consider all the possibilities to develop an effective plan that will provide results. Most of the big Austin advertising agencies specialize in both creative AND media buying, as two profit centers. At Ellis Graphics, we work hard to do graphic design, website design and branding work that do the things that need to be done without blowing your budget on strategies that might not be right for you. We treat your projects like we would our own because we believe in doing great work.

Call us today to find out what sets us apart from other Austin advertising agencies: 512-371-1997.

We have enjoyed the privilege of producing work for a wide variety of clients including:

  • Dell
  • Sprint
  • Radio Shack
  • Chevron
  • HP
  • Boeing
  • RoadVantage
  • JMJ Associates
  • Texas Enterprises, Inc.
  • Coldwell Banker
  • One-Man Entrepreneurs

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